Monthly Archives: May 2014

JISC final Programme Meeting

At this final programme meeting we presented the feedback analysis tool and gave a demonstration of the Moodle reporting plug in which is now working. This report enables a tutor to select a student and see the grades and feedback for all modules on the programme in one place -see below (that is provided that the feedback was submitted in Moodle.)

Demo of Moodle Assessment Reporting

There was  loads of interest in it. The reports mean that tutors can easily view feedback from a previous module and use this to comment on how students are progressing. Knowing that tutors can view past feedback may also encourage students to go back and look at past feedback when preparing a new assignment.Some wanted info and source code so we will put instructions on how to implement the plug-in/source code in the JISC design studio. We will also present results of the pilot of the reporting tool which we are doing this term.

Some people asked if the report was possible for students to access the tool as well as staff and that might be something for the future.