Monthly Archives: March 2013

CAMEL meeting and presentation at Queens Belfast

We had a useful discussion with the other projects in our CAMEL group in Belfast. All have synergy with Assessment Careers.

The Queens EAffect project uses electronic feedback in the vle and marking online. This saves admin days, is  quicker for students to hand in electronically as they are not needing to travel and markers also prefer marking online now they are used to it. They also are using REAP principles and analysing feedback. The Dundee project will also introduce online marking and have analysed feedback.

The project at MMU has overlap with the work of the IOE Assessment Working Group.  They have undertaken a review of appeals procedures and a review of the of reassessment period to reduce failed resist. They are developing a specification for e-assessment with  new codes of practice. E-portfolios are in the top 3 forms of assessment. They are also developing marking rubrics.

We also explored how to engage with different stakeholders- senior management, students and colleagues and this is an area we could discuss at our next meeting.

I also gave keynote presenting early results from Assessment Careers at the conference at QUB Assessment and Feedback conference. The feedback tool worked well -there were comments on the praise cateogry that it does not distinguish brief comments from constructive praise. The principles appeared to be uncontentious to this audience-a bit of a variation on the themes of other principles that are in use.