Analysing Feedback presentation online at JISC conference

I presented our feedback analysis tool at the JISC online pre-conference session today alongside  Dundee presenting their similar but different feedback auditing tool. See   and for a session recording.
There was plenty of discussion about and interest in: ipsative feedback, the issue of consistency of feedback, how the context might influence feedback profiles as well as the importance of longitudinal assessment and encouraging learners to read and act on feedback.
The Dundee feedback audit tool goes into more depth on the quality of feedback e.g whether or not examples and explanations are provided and whether or not the feedback encourges learners to become self-regulating. Perhpas we can we look at feedback in more depth too?

In keeping with our initial results, the Dundee team identified that much feedback related to the current task and did not advise on future work. They also looked at individual staff feedback profiles, which we avoided as it might be a sensitve issue, but I think there is some mileage in using the tool for individuals’ private self-reflection on practice.

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