Monthly Archives: October 2012

JISC Programme meeting Birmingham 17-18th Oct.

Holly and I attended this meeting and our video was presented and we gave a poster presentation too which attracted lots of interest.

Programme and logitudinal assessment were mentioned several times by JISC and the HEA and so the Assessment Career theme is very topical. Also 2 other projects from the OU and Dundee have developed feedback analytical tools, although different from ours, and there was interest in unpacking feedback and being more transparent over the nature of feedback and what is appropriate in differnet contexts. e.g. does the very last piece of work for a programme need to have feedback? Also would it be helpful to share feedback with colleagues perhaps anonymously?

Some other points raised that we might consider were:

How do we know where the start and end of an assessment career is in a modularised programme?

What about increasing use of part-time staff who do not have an overview of the programme? Is it the programme leader’s role to provide this overview?

The term dialogue may imply lots of conversations on top of feedback process and implies work intensification.

More use could be made of peer feedback.

The concept of assessment careers may not be obvious to stakeholders other than lecturers e.g. QA or admin staff so do we need a different project slogan?