Monthly Archives: July 2012

PASS programme assessment strategies event 24-25th July

This was the final conference for a NTFS funded project on programme-focused assessment or PFA. This is already practiced in tteh US e.g. Alverno College and there are examples from the project in the UK too.
This means assessment of programme learning outcomes rather than module learning outcomes and it means integratative assessment from more than one module.

The PFA approach compliments our Assessment Career approach in that it encourages linking of modules and cumulative work rather than the fragmentation that is often found under modularisation.

Other benefits inlcude the possibility of synoptic assessments that can draw on skills from the whole programme. The EdD thesis would be a good example of this.

We discussed a few issues about implementation of PFA including the possible need for flexible regulations and better working in programme teams.

I think that combining PFA and the Assessment Career approach to feedback would work well and enhance assessment on a large scale.