Monthly Archives: June 2012

HEA event on self-assessment

I presented a paper on ipsative assessment at the HEA event “Self-assessment: strategies and software to stimulate learning” held at the Open University.

The concept of ipsative assessment attracted much interest but was out of context from the rest of the day which focussed on online or computer-based self-testing. I would query whether self-testing is self-assessment since it is the academic who designed the test who is doing the assessment via computer software. There was however discussion of certaintly -based marking which does require the student to self-assess on how confident they are about an answer.

Software from NZ “Peerwise ” was mentioned as being innovative in that it allows learners to create their own questions and comment on each other’s questions as well as answer them. Again this was for multi-choice type questions – but the idea could be extended to longer answer questions. I liked the idea of a community of learners discussing assessment questions.

The replay of the event is now available at:

Copies of the presentations are available on the HEA’s website at: