Monthly Archives: May 2012

Presentation of Pilot reports to Teaching Committee

I presented the pilot plans and the pilot methodology to the IOE Teaching Committee on May 23rd. The plans were very well received with words like ‘fantastic’ used and Mary commented that it was good to hear such enthusiasm. There was a question about whether the asssignment forms would apply to formative or summative assessment or both and Ian’s pilot as he pointed out has both with 2 slightly differnet forms.

Notes from a one-day event on changing assessment across an institution

I recently attended a one-day event organised by the TeAL project at Middlesex University. This provided an interesting and frank account of the challenges as well as the successes they faced. It was particularly good to hear from senior leaders and teachers, as well as the project team. There were many issues that are relevant to this project’s work, and that of the Assessment Working Group. I brought back and shared some of the documents from the event – particularly the flow chart talking through the change process, and the table that maps things like values, roles and processes against stages and questions.

JISC webinar on organisational change

Today’s webinar consisted of accounts from the Curriculum JISC projects which are finished/finishing on how they managed large scale organisational change. Contributors gave tips on what worked at differnent stages. Some key issues I identified for the AC project at 3 stages are:

  • Start of project-resisting pressure to deliver too soon which I don’t think we have a problem with. Also stakeholder engagement which maybe we need to address including IT, registry and QA.
  •  Running the project-there was a discussion about formal reports being very dull and alternative such as use of social media, video, stories of problems and how they were solved and use of process mapping. But commitees (and JISC) want formal reports so not sure how we can be more creative. Another approach suggested was the submarine approach where not much is publicised during the project until there are results which are disseminated.
  •  Finishing the project-a long way off for us-there was agreement that it is not the system that is the product but the environment and what people do differently. We have discussed this in our meetings that enabliing more discussion across the IOE about the role and purpose of formative feedback would be a useful outcome.

When and where to have more conversations about the project at the IOE will be important for us.

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