David Nicol webinar ‘principles as discourse’

David gave a webinar on 20th March which was recorded and is well worth looking into at https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2012-03-20.0628.M.0478009A228274AFECAC08039817D0.vcr&sid=2009077

He argues that projects need clear principles which are not just statements but have a compelling narrative and examples and evidence. It was the principles that transformed his institution in the REAP project.The success of the project will be if it enables the institution to acquire a new discourse based on the principles. This discourse wil take place throughout the institution not just between teaching staff but technical, admin and managers too.

We got a mention in the webinar and our principles relate to ‘Assessment Careers’, ipsative assessment or progress, feedforward on what the learner does next, students becoming more self reliant and there are more so please add any more.

I am thinking that an Assessment Careers framework is not the best terminology (this is the project plan and Baseline report etc.) as it sounds very rigid and a set of principles might be preferable. Any thoughts?