Monthly Archives: December 2011

Meeting with JISC Dec 8th 2011

Gwyneth, Martin and Tim and pilot leaders attended a meeting with JISC reps-Lisa Gray and Paul Bailey- at the IOE on 8.12.11.
Mary Stiasny also attended for lunch.

Notes from the meeting will be available soon. There was some useful discussion around the Baseline report with a recognition that the darft report for Jan. 2012 will be incomplete and we will identify ‘known unknowns’-Martin’s phrase.

The pilots will also need to baseline the programmes before piloting the Assessment Career framework and these will be included in the Baseline report at a later stage.
Jisc will send us some links to other relevant projects and tools that we might wish to use.

Programme evaluation workshop

A while back, I attended a programme-wide workshop on evaluation for the project, with Gwyneth – I meant to post about this at the time but I’ve been swamped, so wanted to make sure I posted something up about this before it slips my mind entirely.

This meeting provided a chance to think about the project’s evaluation in a little more detail. The slides from the event are available, as is a recording of the session. There was a helpful discussion of things like what measures we might have access to that could describe impact, and there was a lot of interest in the possibility of linking assessment practice to workload in some way – concerns about efficiency were widespread, as was the hope of raising quality whilst lowering costs. Our plans are to do this using the tools developed in the LDSE project, although we’ll have to see how well this works when we try it.

Update – research team and Baseline review

Brian Creese and Jon Swain from NRDC will be joining Kaori in the research for the Institutional Basline report. The research team: Brian, Kaori, Martin and Gwyneth met on 23rd Nov. We agreed an outline for the Baseline report and how to divide up the IOE and external data for analysis. We identified gaps in data on types of assessment used at the IOE and front line staff perspectives of IOE assessment. Gwyneth will discuss these with the Assessment Review group and will obtain some transcripts of interviews with staff from the ‘Transitions’ project. Martin will follow up staff views from a survey of technology use.

A draft of the Baseline report will be available by 19th January meeting for the team to review and discuss.